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November 18, 2003


Dear Jacob,


Happy first birthday!Itís incredible to think how youíve grown from a tiny, totally-dependent newborn to a happy, healthy young boy.You grew taller and heavier, of course, but you also got teeth, got your first haircut, started crawling and uttered your first sounds (no words yet). But most of all, your first year has been consistently happy: you are a happy boy and you make everyone around you happy too.You are quick to share your infectious smiles, which always brighten my day.


There are so many people who care about you!Your great-grandmas and your grandparents and your uncles and aunts and your many other relatives and friends think about you constantly.We keep them up-to-date through phone calls and videos and pictures posted to your website, and youíve already traveled often to see them.


But itís hard to imagine that anyone cares about you more than your mommy and daddy.Thereís no way to describe the challenges of being a parent, and in particular your mommy has worked so unbelievably hard this year.You grow up in a house filled with love and dedication, traits I hope we can successfully pass along to you.


Like your first, your second year will be filled with growth and change.I hope it is equally filled with love and happiness.


Love, Daddy.